Return to duty drug testing is given to employees who already tested positive for a drugs or have violated the companies drug and alcohol policies.
Return to duty drug test is given at a scheduled time, usually following the completion of a drug abateman program.

Employers with safety sensitive jobs subject to federally mandated laws have guidelines of suspicious behavior and are given specific steps to perform to ensure consistent and non-bias testing.
US companies can set their own guidelines for return to work drug testing, However, companies with with safety sensitive jobs that are federally mandated have one of three events that need to happen to perform a drug test. 1) A previous positive drug test, 2) An employees refusal to drug test. 3) or a violation of a specific drug or alcohol policy.

Before completing a return to work drug test, an employee must first be evaluted by a substance abuse professioal; and complete any treatment recommended by the substance abuse professional.

Return to duty drug testing usually yields the highest positiviy results than other tests performed due to the circumstances of which the test if performed.

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