Pre-employment drug testing is the most common drug test performed. It is used by employers to protect themselves from the negative impacts of drug abuse in the workplace. Pre-employment drug testing is typically performed after a conditional offer of employment is made and a negative drug test result is required before the applicant starts working.

Most employers are not required to drug test their employees- However, the negative impacts of hiring a drug-user can have on a companies finances and reputation, make it a priority of many employers.
Pre-employment urine testing is required by amoung Federally regulated employers who employ individuals in safety sensitive positions, including trucks, buses, and taxi drivers, airplance pilots, and railroad employees.

​Urine Testing is the only method that has been approved for federally mandated, safety sensitive drug testing and is often chosen by employers in the general workforce due to its many benefits. Urine testing is cost effective, and employers can screen for a wider varity of illicit drugs.

Employers can fax or email over an pre-employment drug screen form and the employee can come directly into the lab, either by appointment or as a walk-in. The employer can view the results on-line.

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